Eagle Brand Group's 21st Contest of Bologna Exhibition
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On September 24th, 2018, the world ceramics ceremony, known as the "Oscar" in the building materials industry, was held as scheduled.


As a representative of Chinese exhibiting companies, Eagle Brand Group has been exhibiting for 21 consecutive sessions since 1998. This year, Eagle Brand Group brought its three major brands to the show and competed with the top brands in the world. It is the same as the world trend, the fusion of fashion and classics, showing the brand precipitation and brand innovation of Eagle brand for 44 years.


The Eagle Group's Brand booth is located at Hall 36 B54. The booth is on the basis of modern simplicity. It pursues the practicality and flexibility of space, pays attention to function and space organization, goes to the simple and simple, advocates a reasonable composition process, pays attention to the texture of ceramic itself. The effect of color configuration. It is overall high-end fashion.

鹰牌集团的展位位于Hall 36 B54,展位在现代简约的基调上,追求空间的实用性和灵活性,重视功能和空间组织,去繁就简,崇尚合理的构成工艺,讲究陶瓷自身的质地和色彩的配置效果。整体高端时尚。

At this exhibition, Eagle Ceramics exhibited new mountain rock and vintage lux series. Eagle 2086 exhibited ink golden tiles and pretty imagewith pearly luster series. Huapeng ceramics exhibited 750*1500 soft light stone of the 5th generation.

本届展会上,鹰牌陶瓷展出新品高山岩、水磨京砖系列, 鹰牌2086展出水墨京砖、珠光绰影系列,华鹏陶瓷展出750*1500规格的柔光石材5代。

This year, the “Goddess” series launched by Eagle Brand Group has taken the core position and displayed the mystery and beauty of the goddess in a flexible way.


At this exhibition, Eagle Brand Group participated in many classic polished porcelain tile products, including Solar stone collection, Snow white collection, Sea sand stone collection and Pure color collection. They have been tempered many times since their introduction, and they have become the darling of many large-scale construction and engineering at home and abroad. Classic products also attract the attention of many overseas customers.


Overall, the products exhibited by the Eagle Brand Group this year are “harmonious” with the world. The three major brands exhibiting products meet the current international consumption trends such as modern simplicity and big board. However, in terms of product design, the three brands form a difference between each other and the world brand. With their unique brand culture and ultimate product technology, they form the core competitiveness of their respective brands. Different from the world, this is also an important factor for the Eagle Brand Group to be invited to participate in the exhibition for 21 consecutive years.


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