Kyrgyz Congress delegation visited Guangdong Eagle Brand Ceramics Group and praised the brilliant achievements of Chinese ceramics
Time:2018-10-25    Read:158 Time

    In October, Guangdong Eagle Brand Ceramics Group just welcomed the guests of the 124th Canton Fair and the 32nd Foshan Ceramics Expo, and welcomed the Kyrgyz Congress.

    On the afternoon of October 24, more than 10 people from the Kyrgyz Congress delegation visited Guangdong Eagle Brand accompanied by Guangdong Building Decoration Materials Industry Association, Mr. Lan Fang, President of Guangdong Architectural Decoration Design Association, and Mr. Cao Aiqun, Deputy Secretary-General. Ceramic Group. Mr. Lin Wei, President of Eagle Brand Group, led Ms. Pan Yuanping, Director of the Group's President's Office, and Ms. Xia Anli, General Manager of the International Marketing Center, and others warmly received the delegation and their accompanying staff.

    The delegation consisted of members of Congress, Mr. GAIPKULOV ISKANDER, and Mr. AKMATOV ALMASBEK, who led a number of well-known entrepreneurs in Kyrgyzstan. The delegation visited the Eagle Ceramics and Eagle 2086 exhibition halls successively. The two sides exchanged in-depth discussions on product technology, factory construction, enterprise management and automated production, and business cooperation. In the international pavilion where the export products are gathered, the delegation is very impressed by the complete one-stone multi-faced polished brick Snow White, Pure color brick and Solar Stone series. The new "Goddess" series launched by the group this year, with its mysterious and unique texture and blanks, has made the delegation stop and linger. The delegation highly praised the Eagle products and they praised “Chinese ceramics is really beautiful”.

    President Lin Wei introduced the 44-year development history, product characteristics, research and development, production, operation and management of the Eagle Brand Group and the target planning of the Group's development. The delegation appreciated the Eagle brand's 44 years of focus on ceramics and the quality of its ingenuity.

    Eagle 2086 headquarters exhibition hall 8000M2, the magnificent venue fully displayed more than 300 modern antique brick products. Modern antique bricks are the prevailing category of today's architectural ceramics. In the world's top building materials event in 2018 in Bologna, Italy, many world-class brand-name companies took the modern antique bricks to the show. As the representative of China's modern bricks, Eagle 2086 closely follows the development trend of the world, and vigorously develops and produces 1800x900, 1500x750, 1200x600, 900x900, 900x600, 600x600, 800x300 and other products.

    Kyrgyzstan is the key link between Eurasia and the Middle East. In 2013, China proposed the development strategy of “One Belt, One Road”. Kyrgyzstan has become an important partner for China's resource development and industrial transfer. In recent years, economic construction is on the rise. Eagle Brand Group has been engaged in international trade for more than 20 years. Since 1998, Eagle Brand Group has participated in the Bologna Exhibition in Italy for 21 consecutive years on behalf of Chinese building materials enterprises. It has participated in the Russian Building Materials Exhibition for many times and has a high reputation in Central Asia, “One Belt, One Road”. The construction provides a good foundation for cooperation between the two places. This exchange of exchanges symbolizes that China's architectural ceramics once again rely on the country's "One Belt, One Road" strategy to go global.

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