• 2015

    ■In March, "Ingenuity",the advertising video was broadcast on CCTV-2, followed by the 

    "Declaration of Ingenuity", which drew great attention from the ceramic industry.

    ■On March 28, Eagle Brand and HOPO, two brands under Eagle Brand Group earned 7 

    awards in the 11th List of Aggressiveness, including the Product of the Year,which was the 

    highlight of the list.

    ■In April, by virtue of successfully developing the world-leading technology of crystal 

    polymerization of microcrystalline stone, Foshan Shiwan Eagle Ceramics Co., Ltd. was 

    awarded the honor of Guangdong IPR Demonstration Enterprise.

    ■April 18 witnessed Eagles record high order of 273.07 million yuan in just 2 hours and 39 

    minutes in the 24th Career Partner Conference of Eagle Ceramics.

    On June 16, World Brand Laboratory, an institute for global top brand research and 

    evaluation officially released the list of Chinas 500 most valuable brand in 2015. Foshan 

    Shiwan Eagle Ceramics Co., Ltd. hit the list for 12th consecutive year with brand value of 

    9.156 billion yuan, increasing 23.6% year on year.

    On June 21, over 3000 households participated the South-China group buying held in Eagle
    headquarters in Foshan.

    On September 29, Eagle Ceramics, as the representative of China ceramic industry 

    participated the Bologna CERSAIE Show for the 18th consecutive year.

    On October 18, Eagle Ceramics launched its first O2O experience shop, marking its 

    significant progress in E-commerce.

    On November 18, Eagle Ceramicsfirst oversea flagship store started business in Malaysia, 

    aiming to provide the customers there with high-quality products and service.

    On December 29, Eagle Brand Group eared a lot in the 20th anniversary of China Ceramics 

    Media Award. Eagle Ceramics was awarded outstanding brand, while HOPO Ceramics 

    innovative brand.

    On December 30, Lin Wei, the president of Eagle Brand Group and the chairman of Foshan 

    Creative Park of Pan Home Electricity Supplier,was recognized as figure of innovation in the 

    field of economy of Guangdong.

  • 2014

    ■ Eagle Brand Group’s patented technology of crystal polymerization of microcrystalline stone, project of industrial applications of a formation microcrystalline ceramic 90-minute fast burning, was elected to scientific and technological projects of National Torch Plan.

    ■ Eagle Ceramics topped the list of China's 500 most valuable brands in eleventh consecutive years with brand value of 7.406 billion yuan.

    ■ On August 18, Foshan Creative Park of Pan Home Electricity Supplier built by Eagle was officially opened, and a five-star garden-style ecological park integrating work, study, living and leisure was born.

    ■ On October 18, launch event of Eagle crystalline 3.0 with the theme of crystalline creator finding micro crystalline once again was held, attracting the attention of the media and industry, and showing a strong R & D capabilities and product strength of Eagle.

    ■ Polished crystal tiles called Feast was introduced exclusive matching with luxury kitchen space;

    ■ Polished tiles called Tanggula is launched, vivid duplicating three-dimensional folds of the Tianshan.

  • 2013

    ■ January, Eagle’s "crystal polymer" micro glass ceramic composite tiles and other products, was awarded as "2012 Guangdong Provincial Key New Product".

    ■ February 27 - March 1,EagleMarketingCenter’s "2013 Decisive End ? Eagle Ceramics’ Huangpu Military Training Camp" was held inGuangzhouHuangpuMilitaryAcademy.

    ■ March 23, Eagle Ceramics won three awards of "Newsmaker of The Year in China Ceramics Industry ", " Best Showroom of The Year in China Ceramics Industry " and " Social Responsibility Award of The Year in China Ceramics Industry " on the Ninth Chinese Ceramics Industry Cutting-edge List.

    ■ March 28, Eagle Groups Heyuan Dongyuan Eagle Ceramics Co., Ltd. was officially inaugurated.

    ■ March 28 to 31, Eagle Ceramics became senior partner of Table Tennis World Cup in 2013.

    ■ April 13, in 2013 Annual China Top Ten Building and Sanitary Ceramics Brands ceremony, Eagle Ceramics won the title of "Top Ten Ceramics Brand" and "Top Ten Microlite Brands".

    ■ April 18 to 19, annual meeting of Eagle dealers with the theme of "China Eagle, Design Creates the Future" was held in Foshan.

    ■ June 26, Eagle Ceramics’ value rose to 6.425 billion yuan, ranking on the list of "Chinas 500 Most Valuable Brands" proudly for ten times.

    ■ August 18 to 19, Eagle’s 39th anniversary factory celebration and dealer meeting with the theme of "China Ceramics, Eagle Dream" was held in Foshan.

    ■ September 23 to 27,Eagle Ceramics has been the representative ofChinato participate Bologna CERSAIE Show for 16 consecutive years from 1998  to 2013.

  • 2012

    ■January 19, Eagle Ceramics won the honor of "Guangdong Famous Brand" again.

    ■ March 9, "crystal polymer" micro glass ceramic composite tiles and other six products developed independently were titled as hi-tech products.

    ■ March 25, Eagle Ceramics won three awards on the cutting-edge list: Social Responsibility Award of The Year, Newsmaker of The Year, and Eagle Ceramics’ "crystal polymer" won Best New Product of the Year Award.

    ■ April 12, Eagle won "Top Ten China Ceramics Brands", "Top Ten Polished Tiles Brands" and "Top Ten Crystal Polymer Brands" on "Top Ten" list of China Building Sanitary Ceramics. President Lin Wei discussed with Pan Shiyi and other guests about ceramics on the scene.

    ■ April 18, Eagle’s exhibition hall in the headquarter ofInternationalCeramicsCitywas re-opened, and annual meeting of core dealers was held. A record of ordering 118,000,000 for three hours was made then.

    ■ June 18, Eagle Ceramics’ large-scale network activity of "38 AnniversaryCrystalExcellence, Show Your Happiness Index" was launched grandly.

    ■ June 28, publishing conference of 2012 the Ninth World Brand Congress andChinas 500 Most Valuable Brands was held inBeijing. Eagle Ceramic with brand value of 4.125 billion yuan ranked on the list ofChinas 500 Most Valuable Brands for nine consecutive years, which increased 33%, compared with 1.02 billion yuan last year.

    ■ June 30, Eagle Ceramics’ event of "Poly Crystalline Happiness Gathered" was held, owners from various regions in the Pearl River Delta made group purchase in the headquarter.

    ■ August 17, the forum of "From Made in China to World Brands - International Brand Development Road of China Building Ceramics Enterprises" co-sponsored by the China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association and Foshan Economic and Information Bureau was held in No.1 Museum of Eagle Ceramic.

    ■ August 18, Eagle ushered its 38 anniversary birthday. The Group held a series of activities of "Crystal Poly 38 Anniversary Celebration". In the days orders Eagle and Huapeng created outstanding performance of 133 million.

    ■ September 25 to 29, Eagle attended the exhibition inBologna,Italyon behalf ofChinafor the 15th time.

  • 2011

    ■ October 18, 2011, Eagle’s crystal polymer was published on global market, in which many leaders participated the launching ceremony.

  • 2010

    ■ August 18, successfully held the celebration series activities of Eagle Group and Eagle Ceramics 36th anniversary with the theme of "New Eagle  Big Future" were held successfully, to enhance the core competitiveness of Eagle, marking the birth of new Eagle! Eagle Ceramics’ value rose to 2.282 billion yuan, ranking on the list of "Chinas 500 Most Valuable Brands" for the seventh time; Eagle attended Ceramics Fair inBologna,Italyfor thirteen consecutive years.

  • 2009

    ■ Eagle Ceramics was authorized as "China Well-known Trademark" by Trademark Office of State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

  • 2007

    ■  Eagle Ceramics was selected and used by three venues of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

  • 2005

    ■ Capacity breakthrough was implemented: major initiatives of Eagle Brand Holdings in 2005 –inauguration ceremony of Eagle Brand Ceramics Industrial (Heyuan) Co., Ltd. was held.

  • 2004

    ■ April 15, 2004 on the opening day of "2004 China Ceramic Sanitary Import and Export Fair", when Asian Bidding Committee made comprehensive study of Guangzhou, the activity of "Two Cities as One Heart Linking with Asian Games --- Million Signatures in Ceramic Capital Support Asian Games" launched by Eagle Ceramics attracted enthusiastically response from distinguished delegates and audience.

  • 1999

    ■ Eagle Brand Holdings was publicly listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange; the only representative of the ceramic industry participated in the 50th Anniversary Exhibition and with national recognition.

  • 1998

    ■ As the only representative of China Building Ceramics, Eagle Ceramics first participated in Ceramics Fair in Bologna, Italy for ten consecutive years on behalf of Chinese exhibitors; Eagle Ceramics composed "Building Ceramics Decoration Technical Specification" as the main units for the use of engineering construction design and construction units, which was approved by China Engineering Construction Standardization Association, the first pottery business writing " Building Ceramics Decoration Technical Specification ".

  • 1996

    ■ The worlds first arc tile was launched; large amount of capital was invested for the worlds first 5000-ton press collaborating with Italian Nasstti, and in the same year, large size of 1000 ×1000mmand 1200 ×800mmimitation natural stone polished tiles was developed.

  • 1991

    ■ The first company developed and large-scale produced crystal printing interior wall tiles and precious metal printing glazed interior wall tiles, guiding the new trend of interior wall tiles.

  • 1988

    ■ With the world's best new technologies, processes, new formulations and advanced equipment, Eagle Brand pioneered in the development of three-dimensional printing glazed tiles, which set a new milestone in Chinese ceramic industry.

  • 1984

    ■ Construction tiles production began.

  • 1976

    ■ Shiwan ceramics craft factory was established.

  • 1974

    ■ Eagle Brand's predecessor - Shiwan Arts and Crafts Group was founded, mainly engaged in the production of ceramic arts products.

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